Gracepoint: Pilot

Crime dramas have never been my thing. Maybe it was Anna Gunn that drew me in, or maybe it was the allure of a miniseries. Anyway, here I am.

I liked the pilot for the most part, but there’s just something about crime dramas that doesn’t interest me. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s been done over, and over, and over…and over. The fact that it’s only ten episodes long makes it unique, so I plan to stick around for the duration of the series.

The pilot kicked off with the body of a young boy, Danny Solano, being found on the local beach. After suicide was ruled out, the small town was in a frenzy about what happened to the 12-year-old. This single crime seems like it will be the sole mystery of the miniseries, so that too makes it unlike other crime dramas. Det. Ellie Miller (Anna Gunn) was expecting a promotion to police chief, but was put on the back burner for a new, more experienced member of their police department, Det. Emmett Carver (David Tennant). Ellie, as a result, was pretty angry at her lost promotion, as well as the loss of a local child and family friend.

After coming home from work, Ellie told her son Tom (Jack Irvine), who was Danny’s best friend, about his death. Curiously, after Ellie told him it was ok to grieve and left his room, he deleted all of his text messages and his entire hard drive. What could he possibly know about Danny’s murder? Was he involved?

The police later determine that Danny was not abducted from his house, but he snuck out late at night. They caught him on a surveillance camera riding his bike down the street.

Gracepoint seems like it will be an interesting crime-mystery. What happened to Danny Solano? If he wasn’t abducted, then what happened?

The new series has only received a 69% from Rotten Tomatoes, which isn’t too bad, but it isn’t great either. I can’t say that it roped me in entirely from the pilot, but that is hard to do with only one episode. What did you think? Has anyone seen its British predecessor, Broadchurch? What do you think happened to Danny?



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