AHS: Freak Show

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Don’t read it if you haven’t seen it!

Everyone’s favorite series American Horror Story: Freak Show premiered last night! Yay! And what a freaky premiere it was, indeed! I’ve never been afraid of clowns, but after last night…we’ll get to that after.

Early on, we met Sarah Paulson’s two-headed characters; conjoined twins Bette and Dot. This is going to be really great to watch, especially since Paulson is acting out two very different characters. Bette is sweet and naive, while Dot is bitter and untrusting.

Jessica Lange plays Elsa, the woman who runs the freak show. She picks up Bette and Dot from the hospital, saving them from the police after Bette killed their mother. Elsa is also a little bit out of her mind; she believes she is a star. We met a few of the main, recurring cast: Evan Peters is Jimmy Darling, aka Lobster Boy. Kathy Bates is his mother, the bearded woman. Frances Conroy is a wealthy socialite who attends the show with her son, Dandy Mott, who wants to buy Bette and Dot. We also met Elsa’a personal assistant, the world’s smallest woman,  Jyoti Amge! Also, Pepper from Asylum has become the first recurring character on the series! This season takes place before Asylum, so this is her story before she went to Briarcliff. We still have a few characters left to be introduced, presumably next week.

Last night was mostly just an introduction to all the main characters; we got to see a little snippet of each of them, learning about their personalities. The freakiest part of the premiere was the serial killer clown, who is not part of Fräulein Elsa’s Cabinet of Curiosities. He stabbed quite a few people last night, and kidnapped two kids, a teenage girl and a young boy. Keeping them locked in a cage, he performs tricks for them. When he popped a balloon trying to make an animal, he went a little crazy and started throwing and smashing things. Yikes…this guy does not like failure! I’m not quite sure what his role in the show will be yet, but he is obviously quite evil.

What did everyone think? I’m excited to see what this season will bring! Watch FX’s new trailer for this season to see what’s to come!


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