Week in Review 10/11

Another week of TV has come to an end, and there’s so much to talk about!



The Strain came to an end this past Sunday, and quite a few people, including Marc Buxton from Den of Geek, were not happy with the way it ended. It’s true that nothing was resolved in the finale, but from what I understand this series is closely following the novels written by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan. I haven’t read the books myself, but I have heard that the season 1 finale ended the same way the book ended. The subsequent book, The Fall, takes place 2 weeks after The Strain and the final book, The Night Eternal, 2 years later. I enjoyed the first season of the Strain and am looking forward to season 2.


Gotham had its third episode this week, introducing a vigilante called Balloonman. The highly anticipated series has had a lot of criticism, from bad acting to juggling too many characters and storylines. Alan Sepinwall from Hitfix mentions these problems in his review of this weeks episode, saying that the show runners are going to need to work these kinks out to make the show a success. Fox has taken on a tall order with Gotham, as Batman has a lot of hardcore fans. Depending on how well they adapt it, that could make or break the series. Gotham could be a huge success for Fox if they work it out, but the way things are going, it could turn out to be a flop.

In Sleepy Hollow, the fight against the apocalypse continues, as Henry Parish, the Horseman of War, continues to spread evil. Michael Ahr from Den of Geek mentions that this weeks subplot of evil being passed from person to person was already done in the first season in a similar fashion, so it made for kind of a repeat story. While the subplot might have been a miss, the episode wasn’t a total loss. We learned more about Sheriff Reyes, Katrina’s plot against the Horsemen, and Ichabod visits Irving in the psych ward. Sleepy Hollow, though very out there, continues to keep me interested every week.

The Voice has wrapped up the blind auditions this week, filling up all 4 teams to 12 contestants each. Next week is the start of the battle rounds, which is my favorite part. Eileen Rillera at Nerdles offers a recap of the show so far, mentioning each artist by team. I normally don’t like singing competitions, but the Voice caught my attention a few years ago when I caught it on air by mistake. I’ve been enjoying it ever since. The thing that I love most about the show is that it offers real connections for the contestants; even if they don’t win, they have a good chance at having a musical career.

The Blacklist had a brief return of Tom Keen this week, although it was only a dream. Better than that though, was the appearance of Paul Reubens as an associate of Red’s. That’s right, Pee Wee Herman was on the Blacklist! Ross Bonaime from Paste Magazine thought this weeks episode was the best of the season so far, and I agree. He also called this weeks episode fun, silly and simple. While I do agree that an underground organ transplant surgeon with a heart of gold trying to save ailing children is a little out there, those are not adjectives I would use to describe the show. Every villain on the show is a little out there, seeing as there aren’t real “villains” in the world, just criminals. A “doctor” who kills people for their organs to give to criminals for a hefty fee per month isn’t what I would call fun and silly. Messed up is what I would call it. Either way, it’s just TV.


I already made a post about Sons of Anarchy, but it’s worth another mention. We’re about a third of the way through the final ride, and Brad Hamilton at What Culture wrote about five talking points for the final season so far. A lot is happening in Charming, and we still have no idea how it is all going to end. Kurt Sutter has promised us a brutal season with a lot of main character deaths. Will Gemma be the first main character to go? I don’t think so. She still has business left with Jax.


I also made a post talking about American Horror Story: Freak Show, which premiered this week! As anticipated, it was a freaky premiere. Stacey Ritzen from Uproxx shared with us all of the WTF moments from the premiere, which was basically every scene. The first episode went well, and I can’t wait for next week!


Gracepoint‘s second episode made pretty much everyone in town a suspect in Danny’s murder, making this show less of a crime-drama and more of a whodunit mystery. Amber Dowling from IGN offers a recap of this weeks episode.

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The Walking Dead returns this Sunday, so here are ten ways to prepare for the upcoming premiere!


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