The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Don’t read it if you haven’t seen it!

WOW! So after last season, I had slowly been losing interest in The Walking Dead. It wasn’t that season 4 was bad; I did like that they took the opportunity for more character development while the group was separated, but it made each episode seem very slow-paced, and less like a zombie-apocalypse.  There were some episodes that were really good (like the one where Carol, Tyreese, Lizzie, Mika and Judith find that house…ugh), but for the most part I was feeling bored. Character development in season 4 for characters that have been around since the first season isn’t really necessary.

The season 5 premiere last night left me satisfied and wanting more. In the first five minutes, we are reminded that this is The Walking Dead, as Terminus members are brutally murdering people that had been lured to the “Sanctuary for All”. Bob, Rick, Daryl, and Glenn are all in line to have their throats sliced open, when an explosion outside distracts the butchers. What could that be…

Oh, it’s just Carol, being a total badass. She saw her friends tied up and gagged through the fence, and set off a well-aimed firework into a gas tank, causing a huge explosion. She went in, by herself, and starting sniping Terminus members. Whoa, Carol! Her distraction was enough for Rick to get free and kill the butchers, and then release the rest of the gang.

After they are all untied, they go to release everyone else from the train car where they are locked up. On their way, they hear screaming come from other train cars, and Glenn reminds Rick, “We gotta let those people out. That’s still who we are—it’s gotta be.” So, they go open one train car, which has a man who looks like he has been locked up for a very long time (later on The Talking Dead, we learn that he is actually the man from the flashbacks, who had the current Terminus leaders locked up in the past). Apparently, they felt satisfied releasing that one man, and went off to get their friends…I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more people in there, guys!

While this was going on, Tyreese was left at a small cabin with Judith and a Terminus hostage. When they first came across the cabin with Carol, they heard their now-hostage on a walkie-talkie mention “the kid in the hat and the chick with the sword”. Badass Carol puts a gun to Terminus-man’s head and says, “We’re friends of the chick with the sword and the kid in the hat.” That led to them tying up Terminus-man and Carol taking off to save her friends. Terminus-man played mind games with Tyreese, telling him that he was a good guy, the kind of guy that saves babies, and that is why he is going to die. He manages to get loose and threatens to kill little Judith, commanding Tyreese to go outside into a herd of walkers. Tyreese obliges, and Terminus-man gets back on his walkie, to which there is no response. Suddenly, there is silence outside the cabin which had just moments before been overrun with walkers…BAM– Tyreese slams back inside and kills Terminus-man, after slaughtering a horde of walkers. Whoa, Tyreese!

Back to the group, which has just escaped Terminus and is walking through the woods to get their stash of guns. They run into their heroine, Carol, and Carol and Daryl share a really sweet moment as Daryl runs over into her arms. Awwwww! Rick asks Carol, “Did you do that?” talking about the explosion, to which she nods. Carol tells them to come with her, and leads them back to the Cabin where Tyreese is just walking out with Judith in his arms. Rick runs to his baby girl, with Carl right behind him. Awwwww! What a happy ending! The episode concludes with the group walking down the train tracks, and Rick writes “NO” on the Terminus sign so it reads: No Sanctuary.

But wait, there’s more. MORGAN! He’s back?! He’s no longer insane?! Is he heading for Terminus?! WHAT?!

I can’t wait for next week. What did you think? Were you as impressed with the season premiere as I was?


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