SOA: Smoke ‘Em if You Got ‘Em

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Don’t read it if you haven’t seen it!

So much happens in the 90 minute episodes that it feels impossible to talk about it all. This week, Gemma and Juice have survived another episode on the show, but I’m constantly wondering for how much longer.

The episode opened with Gemma walking down a deserted road; Juice let her go but took her car. She makes it to a diner where she has another nice conversation with Tara’s ghost. I’m not sure if this is her just trying to cope with the fact that she killed her or if Gemma has actually lost her mind. Her waitress, Gertie (Lea Michele), sees that Gemma isn’t doing well and talks to her for a while.

Unser and Wendy show up to get her after a while, and Gemma is upset that Wendy didn’t come alone, but she couldn’t with the club still on lockdown. Wendy goes to the ladies room, and Unser immediately starts questioning what happened to Juice. Gemma told him he lost it and tried to kill her, but Wayne knows that Juice wouldn’t have done that unprovoked. He knows something is up, but Gemma, in her typical fashion, stormed off in anger when he pried further. People are beginning to see through her lies, which isn’t good for her.

Alvarez stops by Diosa and starts questioning Nero about what happened to Lin. Nero tells him about what Gemma “saw” and how Lin told him to give up Jax or die, which is why he has sided with Jax in the Chinese take down. Alvarez wants to speak to Jax before letting Nero go, so they lock him in Mayan prison (aka their closet).

Juice…my poor, sweet, Juice has officially become a real rat. He takes Gemma’s car, robs a convenience store, and then pays the Mayans a visit. He offers them all the cash he has and Gemma’s car for safe passage to Mexico. When that isn’t enough, he offers the Mayans SAMCRO intel. Alvarez doesn’t work with rats though, so he calls SAMCRO. Uh oh, Juice…

Until Jax can strike a deal with the Mayans, Juice gets locked in the closet with Nero. They start talking, and Juice admits that he deserves what is coming to him. He still doesn’t rat out Gemma…he is probably waiting for the right moment.

A lot of SAMCRO business goes down in this episode: Jax strikes a deal with Tully and Alvarez, Tully agrees to help take down Lin when the time comes, and the club helps the Grim Bastards take out the East Dubs in an effort to stop August Marks. We also learn that Marks is pulling strings in the Oakland City Council, trying to get the DA to make a deal with Lin to give up the club.

Gemma tells Jax that Unser wants her to make a statement about what happened the night of Tara’s murder, and Jax surprisingly agrees. He thinks that being charged with the murder of a doctor and a mother will stop any attempt of the DA offering a deal to Lin. Uh oh, Gemma…

After being released from the Mayans’ closet, Nero heads back to TM to find Gemma. He tells her about his bonding time with Juice, and that he knows Juice had her car. He asks her if she was helping hide Juice. She doesn’t answer, because she realizes the trouble she is in now that Juice is in Jax’s hands. She is completely distraught and confesses, through tears, her concern to Nero that Juice might tell Jax what he knows.

The episode ended with Juice being handed over to SAMCRO. Nooo, Juice!

Wow! 90 minutes flies by, yet so much happens. What do you think is going to happen next? Will next week be Juice’s last week? Or if Juice gives up Gemma, could it be her final week? Can SAMCRO take down August Marks? Ahhh! I can’t wait for next Tuesday!



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