AHS: Massacres and Matinees

Freak show has only had 2 episodes so far in this season, yet it’s already had tremendous success. The season 4 premiere had such high ratings that FX has already renewed the series for a 5th season! In fact, the premiere has set the record for the network’s most watched TV show episode ever! FX has some really great shows, so that is very impressive!

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Don’t read it if you haven’t seen it!

This week, couple Dell Toledo (Michael Chiklis) and Desiree Dupree (Angela Bassett) join the Freak Show. Dell Toledo is a strong man, and Desiree, as she describes it, has “Proper girl parts and a ding-a-ling. I’m a full-blown hermaphrodite. Put that on your banner.”

Dell Toledo has proven to be a huge problem for the show, as he starts bossing Elsa and the others around the second he signs his contract with Elsa. He even beats Jimmy Darling up for taking the freaks to a local diner. It’s shown in a flashback that the reason they left their last crew was because Toledo killed a man for sleeping with his wife. He is dangerous. Still, Elsa thinks that it will be helpful to have him around since the police have been sniffing around their fairgrounds.

Jimmy tells Elsa that he got rid of the last police officer that came to take the twins away in the last episode, and she admits she underestimated him. With that knowledge, they plan to get rid of Dell Toledo. They call in an anonymous tip that he had something to do with the disappearance, and Jimmy hides the police officers badge in Toledo’s trailer. Too bad he wasn’t too discreet, and Toledo saw him do it. He took the badge and hid it in poor Meep’s tent, so he got taken away for the murder. Looks like Dell Toledo will stick around for a while.

Dandy Mott is becoming quite the interesting character. We first see him at dinner with his mother. They are served escargot, which he declares is too boring. He takes of a swig of cognac out of his custom glass baby bottle with his name on it. Cognac in a baby bottle.

Later, Dandy wants to join the freak show. He begs Jimmy to let him join them, saying that it is the perfect place for him. Jimmy tells him he should be grateful for the normal life he has, because the people in the freak show didn’t choose to be the way they are. Dandy stomps off, and smashes his head into his steering wheel screaming at himself. He just wants to be a freak!

When he gets home, he tells his mother that he hates his life, he hates his house, and he hates her. But she got him a present: his very own clown!

Dandy puts on a puppet show for Twisty, and they play with some of Dandy’s toys. They are scary alike, having an affinity for children’s toys and hurting people. Dandy goes through Twisty’s bag of tricks, which Twisty doesn’t like, so he knocks Dandy over the head and runs out of the house. But Dandy gets up and follows him back to his trailer in the woods where he is holding two children captive…

Twisty brings the children a toy. How nice! He just wants the children to like him. So naturally, the next best move is for him to show them the severed head he has in his bag of tricks! Terrified, the teenage girl whacks Twisty over the head with a board of wood she ripped off the side of the wall, and the two children escape. When she knocked him over the head, we got a peek under Twisty’s mask.

Did you think it couldn’t get worse? Twisty gets up and runs after them. The children run in different directions, and the teenage girl runs into Dandy. He asks her if she is ok, and she begs for his help, saying the clown is after them and he is a murderer. You hear the boy scream in the distance, and Dandy picks up the girl and walks off calling, “Oh, clown!” Oh, no…

Twisty carries the boy back onto the bus, and Dandy throws the girl in ahead of him before he enters. Looks like we now have Twisty and Dandy, the dynamic, messed up, duo. Is it weird that I actually love the Twisty/Dandy story?

Emma Robert’s character still hasn’t been introduced; that will probably be next week. What do you think is going to happen? Is Dell Toledo going to run or ruin the freak show? Is Twisty going to accept Dandy’s “friendship”? Is Dandy going to get Twisty to attack the freak show for turning him down?


What do you think?

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