Week in Review 10/18




The Walking Dead season 5 started on Sunday, and it set records. More people tuned in to the premiere than Sunday night football! AMC posted an interview with Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes on the show. He talks about the new season, as well as the finale of season 4.


Rebecca Jane Stokes from Den of Geek reviewed this weeks episode of The Blacklist, giving it 3.5 out of 5 stars. The Blacklist might not be getting rave reviews from critics, but it continues to dominate Monday night’s prime time ratings.

Gotham has been picked up for another 6 episodes, though ratings continue to drop. Dr. Andrea Letamendi from Comics Alliance mentions what I had said last week about the show juggling too many characters at once. However, the show manages to keep the audience intrigued by the story left to be told.

Rebecca Pahle from the Mary Sue interviewed some of the cast and crew of Sleepy Hollow, including Orlando Jones (Captain Frank Irving), Lyndie Greenwood (Jenny Mills), and Sakina Jaffrey (Sheriff Leena Reyes). They talk about a lot of things, including character relationships, season 2, and female representation.


Sons of Anarchy is getting more intense each week, and this week TVLine posted an interview with Katey Sagal (Gemma Teller Morrow). In it, they talk mostly about how Gemma is unravelling. Her actions and lies are causing more deaths and drama than she imagined, and the inevitable discovery of these lies is coming up. Sagal teases to a the climax with Jax when he learns the truth, saying that it will not disappoint.


Entertainment Weekly interviewed American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy about the success of Freak Show so far. They discuss current and upcoming characters, the latest episode, as well as fan theories for season 5. Murphy has said there are already clues for the next season, so pay attention everyone! Murphy also said that in two weeks, we will learn more about Twisty the Clown and why he is the way he is.


Gracepoint had its third episode this week, and I just found out the show has an interactive website where you can vote on who you think murdered Danny Solano. I love when shows get interactive with the audience, so this is exciting to me. They also ask for your theory on what is going on. Currently, Mark Solano and Tom Miller are tied at 18% for the lead suspect. Who do YOU think murdered Danny Solano?

Coming up

Constantine premieres this week at 10 PM on NBC. Watch the trailer below!


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