TWD: Strangers

It’s a BobBQ!


WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Don’t read it if you haven’t seen it!

Poor Bob. I really didn’t think that it was the leftover Terminus members lurking in the woods. I knew that Gareth and some others were still alive, but I didn’t think they would have come back so fast. But we’ll get to that, let’s talk about the episode: Strangers.

At the start of the episode we meet a new character, Father Gabriel, who seems harmless. But as we all know from past experiences (i.e. Woodbury, Terminus), nothing is what it seems. Does he have a connection to Terminus? Or perhaps to the people who kidnapped Beth? We don’t know yet, but for now he is providing the crew with a place to sleep, food and WINE! I know I would need some wine after everything that has happened.

The group is wisely apprehensive of Father Gabriel at first, and although they eventually accept what he has offered, they still don’t fully trust him. Carl discovers “YOU WILL BURN FOR THIS” carved into the side of the church where he resides alone. What has he done? He has obviously betrayed somebody…perhaps the woman walker he saw at the food bank? He seemed pretty upset to see her.

How has he survived? He claims he has lived alone in the church ever since the outbreak started, only scavenging close-by when needed. With how far our group has had to go in order to survive, it seems too good to be true. I mean, if you are living alone you do have less mouths to feed, and less food to need to find. But still, it all sounds fishy.

He brings our survivors to the local food bank, which is the only place he hasn’t been able to scavenge because of walkers trapped in the flooded basement. The group makes its way down to take out the walkers and get all of the food. All seems well, until poor Bob gets attacked by a gross slimy water-walker.

Did Bob get bit? It sure seemed like it when he asked Sasha for one more kiss at their celebration dinner before going outside by himself and crying. Why else would he seem so sad? Things look pretty grim for Bob, but as he’s sobbing by a tree he gets knocked out and taken away by our favorite group of cannibals. Things are getting even worse for Bob. The Terminus leftovers had a BobBQ, cutting off and eating his leg but keeping him alive. Poor Bob. Perhaps if he has been bit, this will infect the infect the crazy cannibals.

Earlier in the episode, Carol and Daryl found a car on the side of the road. Carol found a jumper box in the trunk, and suggested they leave it for later in case they need it. During the celebration dinner, Carol sneaks off and jumps the car. Is she trying to run away? Of course, Daryl comes out of the woods, obviously following her. He asks her what she’s doing, and she says she doesn’t know. Before anyone can speak, a car goes speeding by on the road ahead. I knew it before they even showed the back of the car, but it’s the CAR THAT KIDNAPPED BETH! Daryl recognizes the car immediately, yells “THEY GOT BETH!”, and smashes out the tail lights of the now running car to make it invisible in the dark. Daryl and Carol hop in the car, and they’re off. They better show Beth in the next episode, or I’m going to riot. Where is she?!

What do you think!? Is Father Gabriel dangerous? What’s going to happen to Bob? Most importantly, where is Beth and is are Daryl and Carol going to find her?



What do you think?

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