Falling Behind

I wish there were more hours in a day so that I could watch everything I want to watch. Unfortunately, time is limited and I’m starting to fall behind on some shows.

A lot of fall shows are either coming close to their winter hiatus or ending for the year (or ending for good, like Sons of Anarchy), so let’s talk about where things are going with my favorite shows and what’s coming up in the next few months.

Sons of Anarchy is my number 1 show right now, and if you have been following the series it is probably yours too. This weeks episode, Suits of Woe, had me in tears on more than one occasion. Entertainment Weekly sat down with Peter Weller, who directed this emotional episode and also plays Charlie Borosky. They talked about the three most pivotal scenes from the episode: when Jax confronted Juice, when Jax told Nero about Gemma, and when Jax broke down to Nero at the end of the episode. There are only two episodes left in this amazing series, and they are taking a two-week break to let this all sink in. I can’t even imagine what is going to happen to SAMCRO in the final weeks.

The Blacklist ended last week until FEBRUARY! That’s far away. Not really, but it seems it. In the last episode we saw, Reddington shot and killed Berlin, who has been the main threat throughout the series. Now what? Also, Tom (who I’m so glad is still alive) and Reddington meet, and Red warns Tom to stay away from Liz. Tom assures Red that he never once mentioned to him to Liz…what in the world? Tom did tell Liz at one point that she doesn’t really know Red. I kind of thought he was just trying to make her second guess him, but he apparently was telling the truth. Did Red hire Tom to get close to/marry/spy on Liz?

The Walking Dead is closing in on their mid-season break, with only 2 more episodes left in 2014. This past week focused on Daryl and Carol, everyone’s two favorite characters. Half of the group is still at the church, while the other half is making its way to Washington DC. Beth is still being held captive at the hospital, and now Carol is in there with her. After the next two episodes, the Walking Dead will return from hiatus in February.

Gotham is one of the shows I’ve fallen a few weeks behind on, but not because it isn’t good. It’s mostly because I don’t get home from class until after 9 PM most Monday’s, when Gotham is already over. I have two or three backed up on my DVR, so I don’t really know what’s going on currently! It doesn’t look like they will be taking a mid-season break. Since there is basically nothing on next week, and I have a little break from school, I will have plenty of time to catch up!

Sleepy Hollow is the other show I am a few weeks behind on, and it is once again a Monday night show. I’m not sure if they are taking a mid-season break, but it kind of looks like they might. Wikipedia and IMDb both don’t have dates for the episodes after Dec. 1. I guess we’ll find out!

Gracepoint is getting close to solving the murder mystery of Danny Solano (hopefully), since there are only 2 episodes left! I missed tonight’s episode, but I will watch that tomorrow! I have really liked this show, so I’m kind of upset that it’s almost over. Although I do like that they are keeping it just one season, rather than drawing it out. Who do you think killed Danny? (And maybe Tom…I just watched the episode where they find his bike in the woods…yikes!)

American Horror Story is taking a two-week break, which isn’t too bad. There are only 13 episodes, so we’re about halfway through right now. Dandy seemed really upset last night since his love, Bette, was taken away, so I think things are about to get interesting with him. I’m really upset about Ma Petite…even though she was a minor role, I thought she was so cute! This season hasn’t been very scary, in my opinion. It’s been interesting. The “freak show” theme reminded me a bit of Carnivale, so I was hoping it might mirror it in some ways. Besides the very similar “freaks”, not much is the same. (If you haven’t watched Carnivale…see my recent post and WATCH IT!) AHS usually runs into the beginning of January, and then the Americans takes it time slot.

Coming up…

The Americans is set to return in January, as usual, but the exact date is TBA. It usually comes one or two weeks after American Horror Story ends. We left off with Claudia telling Philip and Elizabeth that the Center plans to recruit their daughter, Paige, to the KGB. Philip told Arkady that he and Elizabeth will leave the KGB if they contact Paige. Elizabeth thinks it might be a good idea to recruit her, while Philip is very against it. Their lives as spies is incredibly dangerous; who would want their children to be in danger, too? The Americans is a great, underrated, show, so if you have not watched the first two seasons, do it! You won’t regret it.

Downton Abbey returns to PBS on Sunday, January 4th. When we last saw the British drama, it was Rose’s coming-out party as a debutante. Lord Gillingham and Mr. Blake are still fighting over Mary’s affection, but she (as usual) is playing hard to get. Edith had her secret baby, and going against her aunt Rosamund’s plan, arranges placement with a tenant farmer. Edith’s lover, Michael Gregson, is still missing. I’m extremely excited for this to return! I get so roped into this period drama.

Girls returns to HBO on January 11th, and it looks like Hannah Horvath is going to the University of Iowa! If you haven’t seen the recently released season 4 trailer, here you go:

Honorable mentions…

Call the Midwife returns to PBS for its 4th season in March 2015. Although I have only watched the first episode, I thought it was worth mentioning because it has been compared a lot to Downton Abbey (it’s another British drama…duh). I did love what I saw, and plan to watch more when I have time over my long winter break. I have plenty of time to catch up in time for the new season!

The Voice doesn’t really fit into what I normally talk about, but I just thought it was worth mentioning because this season has been really good. I really like 9/10 of the current contestants (that damn pretty boy is the 1/10) so I don’t know who I’m even going to vote for. Matt McAndrew has been my favorite from the very beginning, but I also really like DaNica, Anita, and Craig. Is anyone else shamelessly loving this season of the Voice?

What shows is everyone loving right now? Is there anything I should watch while everything else takes a mid-season break?


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