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Life is Beautiful


Sometimes it’s best to turn off Netflix and step outside.






Twin Peaks makes its return on Showtime in 2016

I’ve never seen Twin Peaks, but I have been reading about the reboot all day today. I will have to check it out!

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Showtime announced today that Twin Peaks will return in 2016, twenty-five years after Laura Palmer promises Agent Cooper that she would see him in 25 years!

David Lynch took to twitter to announce that it’s happening again….

The nine-episode series will go into production in 2015 for a premiere in 2016. All nine episodes will be written and produced by Lynch and Frost, with Lynch directing all nine.

Lynch has been reserved about rebooting the series with new actors, and reluctant to speculate on the idea, while Frost often says there are still ideas to be mined in the cult classic TV series.

Twin Peaks ran for two seasons and spawned a prequel movie. At the end of the second season, there was a tease that suggests there was more story to be told.

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Talking TV

My name is Ashley, and I’m addicted to TV.

I’ve decided to turn my addiction into a social activity. I’ve been wanting to create a blog to talk about the shows that I watch for a while, because most of my friends aren’t into TV the way I am. And what better time to create this blog than the fall premiere months?

I don’t want this blog to be a journal of my thoughts, but a conversation about what is happening on my favorite shows. I will post my thoughts and discussions of shows as well as news about series, such as renewals, filming, casting, etc. I hope that everyone reading will join in the conversation.

These are the shows I am currently watching:

The Strain, Under the Dome, Sons of Anarchy, Z Nation, and Dexter (on Netflix). Starting this week is Gotham, Scorpion, Sleepy Hollow, The Blacklist, and The Voice (the ONLY reality series I will ever talk about).

Obviously there will be more shows to come in the next month or so as shows premiere. Hopefully this blog will attract some people who love TV and want to discuss it with me!