Is this a review blog? Not entirely; it’s a little recap, a little opinion, and a  little personal stuff. It’s whatever I’m feeling when I go to make a post. Sometimes it will be less about specific shows and more about what’s going on in general on different networks.

Is this blog associated with another website? No, it’s just me, Ashley. I did recently have a guest contribution, but other than that, everything is by me.

Why did you create this blog? I love TV. See my “about” page for a full answer.

What shows have you watched or are you watching? See my “shows” page for a complete list.

What shows will you blog about? Not every show I watch. That would take too much time between being a full-time student and working. I tend to write about what I can watch live, which is usually a few shows a week. It’s hard for me to say which shows exactly I will be blogging about.

Will you blog about the same shows from week to week? I would like to, but time usually doesn’t permit that.

Do you have a question that isn’t answered here? Ask me in the space below.


What do you think?

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