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Week in Review 10/11

Another week of TV has come to an end, and there’s so much to talk about!



The Strain came to an end this past Sunday, and quite a few people, including Marc Buxton from Den of Geek, were not happy with the way it ended. It’s true that nothing was resolved in the finale, but from what I understand this series is closely following the novels written by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan. I haven’t read the books myself, but I have heard that the season 1 finale ended the same way the book ended. The subsequent book, The Fall, takes place 2 weeks after The Strain and the final book, The Night Eternal, 2 years later. I enjoyed the first season of the Strain and am looking forward to season 2.


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The Blacklist – Did They Say Lord Voldemort?

He’s back! The Blacklist kicked off season 2 with a rather large bang, courtesy of Red. The episode started off with Red getting the name of another bounty hunter looking for him: Lord Baltimore, which sounds an awful lot like Lord Voldemort. On the search to find this bounty hunter, Red and Elizabeth were led to Rowan…or was it Nora? I’m still confused about which twin she actually was. Rowan/Nora was played by Krysten Ritter (hi, Jane from Breaking Bad), who I thought did a convincing job at portraying somebody with dissociative identity disorder. So Rowan/Nora was working with Lord Baltimore, who kidnapped Red’s ex-wife whom he hadn’t seen in 20 years, according to her. Red then received a package with nicely manicured finger cut from his ex-wife, from Lord Baltimore of course.

Elizabeth’s personal life is probably as crazy as her FBI job. She has photo’s of her ex-husband taped to the ceiling above her bed, which is her way of obsessively trying to figure out who he really is. Having a fake husband who was really a spy sent to get close to you can’t be easy. She was able to get an annulment for their marriage, but decided to keep his last name. Her reasoning being that it never really was his name, which is true since he was living under an alias for the duration of their marriage.

So, who do you think was tailing Elizabeth? Could it be her now ex-husband, “Tom”? Does anyone else find it kind of freaky that Elizabeth is keeping his last name? Will we ever find out who Berlin is?